zondag 8 januari 2012

here some work I made for the course Life book 2012

Hi it is been a wile that I wrote here, but don't worry I have almost finished two new kits! and I will show you soon how they look like!

Maybe you saw it on the right side of this site, I'm a member of life book 2012 and it is amazing!
If you love journaling, in everyway, and selfdiscovery then this is the course for you...really I'm so happy I sight in.

here is the first page we had to create, goddess powers

This is the result of trying to paint (I used the wrong paper :-( typically me lol) 

I also made some big eyed girls after work from Adriana almanza I have here on my list to follow a workshop with here as soon as I have the money and time for it!

So this is my first big eyed girl ever, and I'm proud of here!

and on here site she have such a darling christmas girls, so I thought I wanna try that too, so here is my wintergirl!

I really like it to be bussy with painting and creating with my hands not only on the computer, and do you know what, I think I'm better than I ever thought I would be!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, your faces are fantastic!!! Lol on the superpowers .... I just had to think too hard ;-) Skipped the whole part!

  2. I didn't realise the red headed woman and the big eyed girl were both yours when I saw them on ning, but I love them both - they are both wonderful in their very own ways.

    I really love the textured paper on the first one. I'd think it was a happy mistake :-)