Hi there! So this is what I would really LOVE to see from you: a beautiful and fun layout with your own personal story of what you did last Summer. Tell your story either with a lot of words, or one or more photo's, drawings, just how you like it. Use the style you like the best. Only requirements for the contest is that you use 90% SBG material (beside your own photo's and texts of course). So nice if it's all from STUDIO BERNA , haha!

The winner gets a coupon from Studio Berna of $50!!!!
2nd prize wins the 3 newest Economy packs I made and which you can see hereunder.
3rd prize winner can choose 1 of those 3 pack.

So what do you need to know?

1. Style & size are free as long as you keep the topic in mind 'Treasures of the Summer'
2. Put your layout, which is not bigger than 600x600, here in this contest forum as a reply.
3. Contest closes October 15th
4. You can join this contest with a maximum of 3 pages
5. I decide who wins prize number 1,2, and 3, but I ask my CT to help me 
6. All people that join this contest can contact me per email with a link to your layout in this forum. If you do so I will send you a personal coupon for 40% off next purchase!!! My email is: berna.datema@gmail.com
7. Please do NOT comment in this forum on any of the pages
8. Do not put the pages anywhere else than on this site (=SBG gallery + this forum) for the time of the contest

(Note: Only in case you seem to be the winner #2 or #3 and you do have one or all of the economy packs 'Beach Comber', 'That Summer of '69' and 'Swing 'n Slide' then the winning prize can be changed into aonther pack of the same value.)